Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today is the day things change.

so, a lot of stuff has just happened.

1) I just watched a video about a guy who lost 236 pounds in 2 years. and it wasnt your average weight-loss video, he was seriously inspiring. i cried.

2) Cheer tryouts are in 27 days. i went to weight training yesterday and was talking with coach and i found out how really out of shape i am. so i started this workout plan that i am going to stick to (through the motivation of said youtuber):

Morning: Run 1 mile
Afternoon: Sprints

followed by various stretches, exercises and cheerleading jumps that i have to work on. its pretty intense for me. i ran this morning, and it was a disaster. 1) the goddamn safety pull thing came off mid-run and cleared out all of my information, not to mention it stopped the treadmill so fast i almost tripped and fell. so i have no idea what my mile time is. and 2) after i got off the treadmill i started stretching, and as soon as i bent over i felt sick to my stomach, so i didnt do any of the other excersizes i needed to do. but im not going to give up.

you see, this is different. this time im not going to look at the number on the scale, for once. this is not to loose weight, but to build up my cardio so that i can go out and actually do a high-intensity routine for three straight minutes and totally rock it. i want to get in shape. and if that means loosing 50 pounds, so be it. but i think that i would still be comfortable if i was in shape, had great tumbling skills and was strong, and still weighed 150 or 160 (btw: cw=178.3ish. havent weighed in a couple days tho). so yeah. good stuff.

love you guys.

you know, sometimes i wonder if anyone actually reads this. i haven't really tried promoting my blog because i don't want people i know to know about it. that makes sense, right?