Tuesday, February 1, 2011


everything went pretty well at the concert. my friend ate, i ate. her friends were cool. 30 seconds to mars was unbelievably amazing. i think i lost 10 pounds of water weight too lol.

i was doing pretty well today until i had some nutella and some chinese food for dinner. i've decided that this concert is going to mark the beginning of me loosing. every day i want to be lighter. and it will happen. i bought a t-shirt at the concert and i got in it a Large, but it's still really small. like it won't even fit my boobs. but i swear, i swear, that this shirt will be hanging off of me by summer. i will use it as a fucking coverup in my beautiful two piece bathing suit i will be strutting around in. i will.

i'm going to start keeping track of how much i've lost on my mirror. hopefully my family won't think much of it.
hw: 185.6
cw: 173.9 (i'm guessing i've lost, but that's my last weigh-in)
gw: 110

11.7 lbs down.
63.9 to go.

stay lovely ladies

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