Thursday, February 10, 2011

down to 175.1. going on a diet, hope to get some diet pills soon. new goal: 160 by my birthday (march 15)



  1. hey zoey :))

    i'm hannah and i live in england and i'm 18. i've read your blog and couldn't help relating to what u've been going through. i feel for you i really really really do. But honestly diet pills won't keep it off. and obsessiveness with scales really makes you feel UBER shit ALL THE TIME. i know i've been there.

    i, myself am not happy with how i look, i have a flabby tummy and fat arms and saddle bags that just take the piss. but its not the WEIGHT NUMBER that i'm unhappy with. I've managed to sustain the mentality that i couldnt care less what i weigh as long as i looked skinny. cos really who cares about YOUR specific number when u look awesome anyway.

    i have tried a few diets, some starving stuff and a diet pill or two. but i really hate that obsessive need i get of watching EVERY single thing i put into my body. obviously though i know that that is something you have to do on a diet. and it does suck sometimes. but this control will help so much. u just have to keep it sane.

    For example, the starving thing is crazy!!! and u will fail MISERABLY trying to keep it up. it fucks u up sooooooo bad. it did for me and i never wanna go back to then. and trust me if you like food it will always fail for you. and i do Love my food. I ALWAYS got dizzy and fell asleep and felt like crap the next day. so dont do it!!

    anyway the thing that i thought i would suggest for loosing weight and keeping this weight off is this book i got free in a cosmo (the magazine of the hottest of hot people) it has worked for me SOOOOOOOOO well!! i used to be about 148, all on my tummy and back and boobs but in just 2 WEEKS it got me down to 135. i'm keeping it up too and its working, so long as i don't cheat. and i'm SURE u wont, specially with the amount of will power i've been reading on ur page!

    ANYWAY the book is called "Neris and India's Idiot Proof Diet" and the lost a bunch of weight. cos they had a lot to loose too. But they lost it in the healthiest way possible so as the weigh was coming off they felt great about it too! and i felt so good about it too :)

    its pretty much like the atkins diet though. BUT only for the first 2 weeks. the whole diet (or 'eating lifestyle') is carried out in 3 phases and OBVIOUSLY phase 1 is the hardest. in a way. but if u are determined to follow it then it works WONDERS. GOOD LUCK. I KNOW u can do it :))))'s+idiot-proof+diet&sprefix=neris+and+india's+idiot-proof+diet

    Please please PLEASE don't let ur "skinny friends" ruin your outlook on life too. Find some one (Literally Anyone! cos people always surprise you) that will make you feel worth it. because NO ONE is worth nothing! Good luck dear. I really hope that this will be a step in making urself happier. :))))


  2. you can do it, girl!! work for those new skinny jeans, or the new CD you want...

  3. I feel so much sadness when I read this blog. I am 5’4 and 125 lbs I have never been over 130. I noticed your end weight of 107 and thought that is a skeleton and disgusting. your obsessiveness is horrific. the death of you is on the brink. I feel that you should gravitate towards God, work, school, or something else. there Is hope and beauty in god. raise your goal week to 120 its more realistic. ep is not the way to go. my friend in college with a perfect body just went to rehab for cocaine and bulimia. its never worth it


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